Avionics Systems Tailored for Business Jets

Business jets are key efficiency tools for business leaders. As Canada’s premiere avionics sales, installation, and modification shop, at Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) we can help you upgrade, repair and recertify cockpit and cabin systems to meet a mandate, enhance safety for the crew, and provide added capability and efficiency. With more than 40 years of avionics experience, we will help keep your business jet flight-ready. We welcome all business jets to our Mississauga (CYYZ) and Waterloo (CYKF) locations, and specialize in cockpit and cabin avionics for these aircraft types:

We work with the aviation industry’s most respected avionics manufacturers for flight deck modernizations and cabin communications. We take a holistic approach to avionics installations, modernizations and upgrades. We work with you and your team to provide a complete solution that fits your aircraft’s needs. From conceptualization and design, to installation, MC2 will ensure that all the ancillary parts and certifications meet factory, TCCA, FAA or EASA specifications as dictated by the requirement.

Looking to drive efficiency and safety on your aging business jet? Upgrading to a Glass Cockpit and / or upgrading your Navigation System and Cockpit Communications system with TCAS, ADS-B and FANS/CPDLC capabilities are prime examples where safety and efficiency meet.

We’ve got many years of experience modernizing in the business jet cabin, including lighting and communications systems. Our clients have long understood the need for Broadband Connectivity and Passenger Entertainment, and we continue to work with the leading edge of these systems. We are authorized suppliers for the top SATCOM system providers like Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, Cobham, Gogo and SD (Satcom Direct). If you want to retrofit your aircraft with connectivity, we’ll help you source SATCOM and Router solutions to fit your aircraft.

Extensive Flight Deck Updates and Broadband for Citation VII

Extend the useful life of your aging Citation VII and enhance safety with a state-of-the art flight deck and cabin broadband systems architected and installed by MC2.

Streaming TV, High Fidelity Audio and High-speed Connectivity for Global Express

Give your aging Global Express aircraft high-speed connectivity and cabin entertainment capabilities. MC2 is Canada’s premiere avionics mod shop with the expertise to give passengers inflight connectivity and cabin entertainment that is sure to please.

Extended Life Plus Enhanced Safety for Challenger 604

Give your aging Challenger 604 aircraft a new cockpit, be FANS-1/A compliant, and reap the rewards of operational efficiency and improved safety. MC2 is Canada’s premiere avionics mod shop with the expertise to help you extend the life of your aircraft.

Complete Revamp of Citation Encore Avionics Suite

Extend the life and enhance the safety of your older Citation Encore with a state-of-the-art cockpit avionics upgrade. MC2 designs, specs-out, installs and certifies avionics for Citations and other aircraft.

Mid-Canada Mod Center Helps King Air 350 Operator Achieve Aircraft Upgrade Goals

MC2 designs, specs-out, installs and certifies avionics upgrades on King Air 350 Aircraft.

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