Special Missions and Military SATCOM

Mid-Canada Mod Center is a provider of SATCOM solutions for special use aircraft, enabling real time streaming video, images, file transfer, command and control complete with email, internet connectivity and voice. With our dealer partners we offer solutions allowing aircraft to transmit video through the development of turnkey STC’d solutions.

Transmission of data between surveillance aircraft and an operations center is fundamental today, for any multi-asset national surveillance system. SATCOM capability with an ability to transmit real-time video, still images from the installed FLIR or daylight TV systems, radar profiles and voice and data from the patrolling aircraft, is a must.

Another typical project might include installing a Ku-band antenna on top of a twin turboprop fuselage, replacing micro-wave technology requiring a maritime mission aircraft to stay near the coastline to communicate images effectively. With Ku-band SATCOM and a terminal, such a limitation would be removed.

We can do that.

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