Avionics Specific for Business Aviation Operators

If you’re flying a Bombardier Global Express, Challenger, Cessna Citation, or Beechcraft King Air, the Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) Team can help you achieve your operational goals with certified, customized avionics installations.

Your Aircraft Type

Mid-Canada Mod Center designs, specs-out, installs and certifies avionics modernization on a variety of business aircraft types including, but not limited to, Bombardier Global Express, Bombardier Challenger, Cessna Citation and Beechcraft King Air, as well as helicopters.

Cockpit Avionics

Add efficiency while enhancing safety on your Bombardier Global Express or Challenger, Cessna Citation or Beechcraft King Air business jet. Mid-Canada Mod Center will take you from requirement to certification in the shortest time possible, with the most effective system for your aircraft.

Cabin Avionics

Mid-Canada Mod Center will help make your business aircraft an oasis of connectivity and entertainment with a cabin avionics upgrade.

Satellite Communications

Flying globally? Upgrading your SATCOM system is an effective way of adding capabilities that will improve efficiency while maintaining safety. Mid-Canada Mod Center specifies, installs and certifies SATCOM on your Global Express, Challenger, Citation or King Air aircraft.

Design Services

ADS, Mid-Canada Mod Center’s dedicated design and certification organization, are long-time experts at providing STCs, TSOs, Repair Design Approvals, engineering and complete design packages for a wide variety of business purposed aircraft and avionics types.

Aftermarket Warranties

Mid-Canada Mod Center is an Authorized Honeywell MSP Avionics (HAPP), Collins CASP and Universal FlightAssure Avionics maintenance program provider, and we can help maintain your aircraft’s avionics through these fixed-price programs.


With two locations and more than 40 years of experience, Mid-Canada Mod Center (AMO 59-97) has the expertise to troubleshoot and repair a broad range of avionics systems for your business aircraft.