STCs and Kits for Your Aircraft Type

Upgrading the avionics on your aircraft, be it business, commercial or special missions can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. At Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) we take a holistic approach to avionics upgrades providing a complete solution which includes conceptualization, design, installation, and certifications. We understand that with older aircraft come unique certification challenges—our STC expertise is second to none. Our STC Kits are customizable, and include all the pertinent documentation, components and ancillary parts for a complete, certified upgrade. In addition, we manufacture our own harnesses to exacting specifications, especially for your aircraft’s needs.

ADS, our dedicated design, engineering and certification team of experts help aircraft operators meet TCCA, FAA and EASA airworthiness standards for avionics systems, installed in all types of aircraft.

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