Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) works with you to understand your needs and mission, to customize a system specifically for your aircraft type—be it FAA mandate related or a needed upgrade. And our 24/7 support services will help you maintain your flight-ready status.

Ask us about customized, certified avionics solutions. We sell, install, repair, and service avionics. We design avionics systems tailored to fit a wide variety of aircraft types and objectives including business, commercial or special missions. Our objective is to ensure commercial, charter, special mission and business aircraft operators are equipped with flight decks that provide safety and efficiency. We’re also a certified Warranty repair station for Honeywell MSP Avionics (HAPP), Collins Aerospace (Rockwell Collins) CASP , and Universal FlightAssure.

Our team of avionics experts installs avionics solutions on heavy twin-engine jets, specialty commuter and air cargo fleets, and helicopters too. We troubleshoot and repair on-aircraft Data and Flight Recorders. MC2 sells new and overhauled avionics equipment, plus headsets and helmets.

We’ll help you reduce aircraft downtime—MC2’s experts install or repair systems during a heavy maintenance inspection at the location of your choice.

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Learn more about MC2’s Leadership Team here.  And contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable avionics sales experts.