FANS-1/A, CPDLC for Business Aviation Operators

By January 30, 2020, all aircraft operating in the North Atlantic organized track system above FL290 must be equipped with FANS 1/A or its equivalent, CPDLC (Controller Pilot Datalink Communications) and ADS-C (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Contract). It is part of an initiative to help cope with the ever-increasing air traffic in the region, while augmenting communication, surveillance and ATC-intervention capabilities across portions of North Atlantic. While newer aircraft are already equipped, aging Global Express and Challenger aircraft will not be authorized to fly direct routes if not properly equipped by the rapidly approaching deadline.

At Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2), we can help you select a FANS-1/A solution that meets your aircraft mission needs. We are authorized installers of a range of solutions including SD Avionics DLU (Data Link Unit), Latitude DL150 Satellite Data Unit and others.

A FANS-1/A equipped aircraft can fly more direct routes, trimming operational costs. And Importantly, the system helps reduce pilot workload because ATC and pilots to communicate using a text-based interface rather than by HF radio voice transmission, which can be poor. This text-based communication reduces communications errors and misunderstandings, and removes language issues like accents. FANS-1/A systems automatically provide aircraft position reports to ATC, eliminating the flight crew’s requirement to manually provide position reports by voice, lowering stress and helping them operate the aircraft more efficiently.

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