Gentex Aircrew Helmets and Accessories

At Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) we recognize that special mission and other aircrew have unique communications and safety requirements operating in difficult environments. This is why we are the exclusive factory-authorized Distributor and Repair Centre in Canada for Gentex Helicopter and Fixed Wing Helmets, and accessories. Gentex and Alpha helmets are the most trusted brand of helmet systems for emergency responders, law enforcement and security, and rescue operations. These advanced helmet systems are designed for fixed wing and helicopter flight crew, and are configurable to meet a variety of operational requirements.

We’ll help you spec your helmet and keep it flight-ready with our onsite repair station at CYKF. We offer a variety of helmet styles and colour to meet your requirements, including:

  • SPH-5 (single and dual visor)
  • HGU-56/P
  • HGU/84/P
  • and HGU-55/P

We also carry, Gentex Dazzle Laser-Protection eye ware and visors.

We repair Gentex and Alpha helmets, and David Clark headsets. Learn more here

Let Us Help You Select and Customize the Right Helmet for Your Needs.

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