CVR RIPS Mandate Deadline Pushed Out, But Don’t Delay

The Canadian Aviation Regulations for Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVRs) were amended in 2019. Effective May 29 2023, the implementation date was extended by the earlier of May 29, 2026, OR such a date as Transport Canada determines. Thus, Canadian-registered aircraft already equipped with a CVR, must have one with a recording capacity of at least 2 hours and a dedicated Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) to power the CVR and the cockpit area microphone for at least 10 minutes whenever normal aircraft CVR power sources are interrupted. Additionally, operators using a datalink for communications with air traffic control, e.g. CPDLC, must also record those datalink communications.

Turnkey Avionics Kits

MC2 supplies, installs and certifies turnkey avionics kits so you can upgrade your aircraft to meet the CVR RIPS Mandate. Our kits include:

  • Documentation
  • Serialized components, and
  • Prefab and detail kit components

We can also offer authorization to use MC2-approved STC data with system integration kits, to qualified operators and MROs. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Upgrades for Your Aircraft Type

MC2’s modification replaces any CVR installed in a wide range of business, airline and government aircraft. We considered all CVRs that could meet the rule and selected the Universal Avionics sixth-generation KAPTURE™ CVR-1651 Cockpit Voice Recorder with an internal Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS). The KAPTURE Line of CVRs delivers significant benefits:

  • Lightweight with high MTBF
  • Internal non-battery technology RIPS means no maintenance task card
  • No-lithium-battery 90-day Underwater Locator Device (ULD)
  • 25 hours of recording to meet EASA rule-making
  • Easy-to-use PC tool Flight Archive for maintenance and intelligibility test
  • Records datalink messaging

Bring us your aircraft

Contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable avionics sales experts to provide your aircraft details, and get pricing and scheduling.