TCAS Upgrades for Commercial Aircraft

You’ve probably noticed it, more aircraft and increasingly congested airspace. With the volume of air traffic predicted to double in the next twenty years, and the relatively new TCAS II Standards, the need for more effective situational awareness has never been greater. In fact, if you’re operating in Europe and Asia, TCAS II type capability is a regulatory requirement. How does TCAS work? It uses a transponder to interrogate aircraft in the area, including processing ADS-B transmissions, Mode C and S transponders, and provides instructions to the pilot. Essentially, these systems assist in providing a protected volume of airspace around a TCAS equipped aircraft.

Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) can help you upgrade and modernize your aircraft’s TCAS computer, transponder and display, to ensure the new system meets the required standards and will improve situational awareness. We are authorized L3 and Honeywell TCAS system installers. The MC2 team installs, maintains and repairs all the components in a complete TCAS System.

Planning a TCAS System Upgrade?

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