This Operator’s Challenge

When this Canadian operator brought their legacy Cessna Citation 560XL to Mid-Canada Mod Center, their main concerns were the increasing maintenance costs and impending obsolescence of its current flight deck avionics including the CRT displays and legacy AHRS.

As new technology hits the market, the once top-of-the-line avionics become obsolete. Finding parts to repair and maintain the outdated avionics eventually takes more effort, at an increased cost.

New technology, like the system selected for this Citation, helps make the flight deck future-ready while enhancing safety and reducing crew workload.

Why the Operator Selected MC2

With more than 25 years of experience at rehabilitating and bringing new life to aging aircraft, Mid-Canada Mod Center is a renowned expert. This expertise along with the company’s centrally located facilities, were a critical factor in MC2’s selection for the job. The team’s reputation for working alongside its clients to deliver solutions that exceed requirements was also an important consideration.

The aircraft was going to be down for maintenance which allowed the MC2 team to perform the flight deck upgrades at the same time, reducing required downtime.

Main Benefits

The significant number of modifications equip the aircraft with a flight deck equivalent to that in Textron Aviation’s latest business jet of the same class, the Cessna Citation Ascend.

The mods reduce clutter in the flight deck offering streamlined visuals for improved situational awareness. With advanced autopilot and weather radar, the system reduces pilot fatigue while improving flight planning and routing for a safer more comfortable flight for the pilot, and the principal passenger and their guests.

“This was near-enough a complete replacement of the flight deck avionics,” said Bill Arsenault, Mid-Canada Mod Center’s President. “Garmin’s G5000 system is flexible and helps make the flight deck future-ready because it is designed to support new technology as it becomes available. We’re thrilled to be able to help this operator get a system that fits their needs today and into the future.”

What was Installed

Leaving only the Traffic System, Radio Altimeter and Stand-By attitude indicator, the rest of the flight deck was replaced with a Garmin G5000® Integrated Flight Deck System, designed for crew-flown business jets.

The new components include three 14” (35.6 cm) bright, high-resolution flight displays with two intuitive touchscreen controls that serve as the primary crew interface for the system. Shallow menus and simple icons require fewer hand/eye movements to reduce activity and clutter while controlling all aspects of the flight–navigation, communication, traffic surveillance, FMS, checklists and intercom/audio systems.

All engine indications and crew alerting messages are integrated into the flight deck, giving crews better awareness.

The upgrade includes advanced autopilot, GPS, NAVs, Comms, and weather radar.

Optimal Result

Following the modification, this Citation 560XL aircraft has a new lease on its flying life. The flight deck offers significantly improved situational awareness and safety and is ready for additional upgrades in the future.

What the Operator Says

“Flying primarily business class passengers, our Citation offers the ideal range for our needs. We’re very pleased to be able to keep the aircraft in service with these upgrades. Reducing future maintenance costs is important and being ready for future upgrades are key, but as always, ensuring the safety and favourable flight environment for our pilots, crew and passengers is our top priority.”

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