Only one seat needed to be removed in this Mod

The Requirement

The Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) operates five Cessna Citation XLS aircraft. These aircraft fly official Chinese Government Transportation missions, and vitally important Flight Inspection missions. To fulfill the second part of their mandate, these aircraft required specialized avionics, called AAFIS (Advanced Automatic Flight Inspection Systems).

Why the Operator Selected MC2

As one of the fastest growing aviation market segments, China and the CAAC needed several aircraft equipped, in a consistent manner, with a very specialized set of avionics. Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) continues to innovate, designing, installing and certifying creative avionics solutions for special missions aircraft that include specialized data feeds. The MC2 team’s experience and attention to detail, along with their long-time understanding of the demands of such aircraft mission, were key to the successful completion of these Cessna Citation XLS aircraft.

Mission Gear in a compact housing

Main Benefit

These fresh from the factory Citation XLS aircraft have state-of-the-art technology onboard that allows these aircraft to more rapidly and accurately inspect flight space, but also allows for enough transport seating.

About the Mods

Modifications for multi-mission aircraft can be complex. These five Citation aircraft were no exception, but the special mission experts at MC2 delivered the AAFIS which included, at the time of the assignment, the following key systems:

AAFIS Suite integrated by RVA Aerospace Systems Ltd. (formerly of Orangeville, Canada) Including:

Great Results

Installing the complete AAFIS Suite required the removal of only one seat in the Citation XLS aircraft, giving the CAAC the flexibility to deploy the aircraft for both Flight Inspection, and government transport.

What the Operator Says

“These modifications were quite important to the CAAC and the Government of China, as our aviation industry continues to grow and thrive, and air traffic continues to increase. The team at MC2 has a deep understanding of the missions we need to fly, which is key to the success of these modifications.”

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