The Requirement

This Canadian business jet operator wanted to add high-speed connectivity to this Global Express aircraft for video conferencing and cabin entertainment; streaming video and TV. The aircraft owner, a long-time audiophile, also wanted to enhance the cabin audio with higher quality sound.

Why the Operator Selected MC2

The trend towards high-end audio systems is gaining ground, and inflight connectivity is no longer an option. Even with a modest budget, MC2 helped this aircraft owner to realize the ability of inflight connectivity and high-quality audio.

Main Benefit

With high-speed connectivity installed on this Global Express, the owner feels more comfortable on long flight legs – never having to be out of touch with his clients and headquarters. Conference calls, emails, and other communications capabilities, help make the aircraft a true tool for business efficiency—not just transport flexibility.

About the Mods

This communications modification involved both cabin connectivity and cabin audio. The key mods included the installation of:

  • Alto Aviation 4X ASW-279 Subwoofer Speakers: Replacing the aircraft’s factory installed speakers these Subwoofer speakers deliver high fidelity sound even in a potentially noisy cabin environment, because they can be tuned to the aircraft’s specific cabin environment. An additional advantage, these speakers fit the original cut-outs of the factory speakers, simplifying installation. Lightweight (3.2 lbs/1.5kg) with powerful base performance, these speakers are designed for placement in luxury seat bases, divans, bulkheads, sidewalls, or cabinets.
  • Alto Aviation ASP-437 Mid-Range Cabin Loudspeakers: These replacement loudspeakers are lightweight (14.6 oz / 413 g), while at the same time offering high output, with two high excursion drivers to provide richer audio. With a small formfactor, these speakers require less width and depth, making them ideal for overhead panels.
  • Alto Aviation DA-201AC Cabin Entertainment Amplifiers: Replacing the legacy cabin entertainment amplifiers with this product also helped provide higher-quality audio in the aircraft cabin. Featuring integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processing, this amplifier is TSO-C139 certified 8 X 40W / channel, Class D audio. The DSP Equalization provides optimized sound for each specific aircraft interior. Lightweight, this amplifier offers flexible streamlined installation
  • Gogo AVANCE L5 and ACU: This system offers the ability to stream media, take a call, send and receive email, and video conference all at near-office speed. Components include:
  • ACU, 2 X Terrestrial Antenna, 6 X WiFi Antenna, 2X ASE Dual Directional Antenna

Great Results

This Global Express owner was not at all happy with the factory delivered speakers in the aircraft, the new speakers deliver high quality sound, and the Gogo ADVANCE 5 connectivity system keeps the team productive inflight.

What the Operator Says

“We use the aircraft primarily for business, and having the ability to stay connected when we fly is important to how we continue to build our client base. MC2 took the time to understand our needs and recommend the right system. Their creative approach and dedication to detail made the decision to choose MC2 very easy.”

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