The Requirement

This particular mod was performed to update the cockpit and add new capabilities. This Bombardier Challenger 604 operator wanted to be FANS-1/A compliant, while improving the cockpit’s functionality and enhancing safety.

Why the Operator Selected MC2

Mid-Canada Mod Center’s (MC2)  extensive experience modernizing cockpits, and Challenger aircraft in particular, was a key reason this operator selected the company. Working with the client, MC2 helped them to realize their FANS -1/A requirement at a lower cost.

Main Benefit

The key benefit to this operator is improved cockpit resource management, which in turn leads to additional safety gains, and operational efficiencies. The modernization of this aircraft also added redundancy, to avoid the requirement so switch from CPDLC/FANS to voice, in the event that one of the legacy FMS’ were to fail enroute.

About the Mods

Like just about every modernization project, this Challenger 604 had unique requirements. Key mods included the installation of:

  • Universal Avionics UNS-1Lw flight management system (FMS): This unit includes control/display functions and the NCU (Navigation Computer Unit) with GPS/SBAS receiver, a 5-inch (diagonal) graphics and video display. All in a compact form factor.
  • Universal Avionics CVR-120R cockpit voice recorder: This was installed, to provide a customized combination cockpit voice and flight data recording capability, which will ensure this operator meet published regulations.
  • UniLink UL-801 communications management unit (CMU): This equipment was installed to enable superior control of digital communications between the pilot and ATC.
  • SD Avionics Data Link Unit: Aviation’s first, DO-158-C certified FANS-1/A over Iridium equipment. The text-based interface reduces communications errors. Automatic positioning reporting removes crew reporting requirements and lowers stress.  Fly optimal NATS routes to trim operating costs, while enhancing safety.
  • STCs and Certifications: All associated STCs and Certifications were completed to Transport Canada and FAA Standards.

Great Results

The resulting upgrades and modernization give this operator’s Challenger new life, and extended operational safety and efficiency. Pilot and co-pilot have more effective communications with ATC, including crew input with the FMS, and audible notifications of incoming data link requests and messages.

What the Operator Says

“Adding this aircraft to our fleet is a significant investment, and we recognize the challenges MC2 overcame to make operating the aircraft safer and more efficient while extending its life. The added operational efficiencies and safety gained by these mods are very important to us. We chose MC2 because of their innovative holistic approach, vast experience and dedication to getting the details right.”

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