The Requirement

This Canadian, East Coast-based operator added this Cessna Citation Encore, also known as Citation V and Citation Ultra, to its small fleet of private-use corporate aircraft. The operator’s fleet flies in a broad range of areas with sometimes challenging flight conditions. While the aircraft had previously been updated to be RVSM compliant, it required upgrades to modernize and improve cockpit resource management, increase safety and operational effectiveness.

Why the Operator Selected MC2

Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) is one of a small handful of Canadian-based centrally located mod shops with the talent and experience to modernize older aircraft requiring significant rework, with unique STC needs. An authorized dealer for the most respected avionics OEMs, MC2 understands legacy aircraft and how to extend their lifespan.

Main Benefit

The key benefit to this operator is improved cockpit resource management, which in turn leads to additional safety gains, and operational efficiencies.

About the Mods

Modernizing this Citation Encore involved a complete rework of the cockpit, including the custom redesign and fabrication of the center instrument panel, pus extensive modifications and reworking of the existing pilot’s and co-pilot’s panels. This comprehensive mod included removing both CTL-type radio controls and a single GNS-XI FMS. Key mods included the installation of:

Great Results

The resulting upgrades and modernization give this operator’s Citation new life, and extended operational safety and efficiency. The new digital FMS and reworked center panel, offer ease of use for pilots.

What the Operator Says

“Adding this aircraft to our fleet is a significant investment, and we recognize the challenges MC2 overcame to make operating the aircraft safer and more efficient while extending its life. The added operational efficiencies and safety gained by these mods are very important to us. We chose MC2 because of their innovative holistic approach, vast experience and dedication to getting the details right.”

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