Canada’s Special Missions Design Package Experts

As Mid-Canada Mod Center’s (MC2) dedicated design, engineering and certification team, our experts at Avionics Design Services ADS have more than 20 years of specialized experience designing installations for avionics systems on special missions aircraft. For more than 10 years, we’ve been providing design and approval services for a range of specific requirements for these distinctive missions including data acquisition, and major avionics upgrades. Operators flying Air Ambulance-Medivac, Fire-suppression, Law Enforcement, Surveillance, Fight Inspection and Media-related missions rely on our expertise to provide complete and accurate design packages.

We are a Transport Canada DAO (Design Approval Organization – #06-O-01), an AMO (Approved Manufacturing Organization – CAR 561 Manufacturer of Aeronautical Products – 50-43), and a certified member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

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