An Important message on COVID-19
from Mid-Canada Mod Center President, Bill Arsenault


In times like these, trust is all important.


That’s why when we’re modernizing your aircraft, we’re also protecting our employees and clients like you, with rigorous adherence to government-issued pandemic guidelines and advice.

Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) and our Design Approval Organization, ADS, have taken the threat seriously from the beginning of the pandemic. We rapidly adapted our safety procedures to reflect the new requirements.

Our team has become educated about the importance of social distancing, proper hygiene, and other factors that help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Always our top priority, safety is why your aircraft is in good hands with us.

Here are some of the additional precautions we’ve implemented to help stop the spread of COVID-19:

  1.  All MC2 employees are required to follow our safety policy
  2.  All MC2 employees are required to wear approved face coverings when more than one employee is in a room or our hangar
  3.  Our offices and hangars are equipped with hand sanitizer and we are providing masks to visitors and our team members.
  4.  Visitors are screened prior to entering our facility, both in advance of a visit and again when entering our facilities.
  5.  Client facilities are screened prior to our crews working on location.
  6. We keep a log of all visitors entering our facilities to help with contact tracing should it become necessary.

We look forward to serving you as safely as possible.



Bill Arsenault
Mid-Canada Mod Center


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