Cessna Citation II cockpit including Collins ProLine 21 big-screen EFIS and Avionics Systems, ACASS and TAWS.

Mid Canada Mod Center


Our partners & suppliers

AirCell - In Flight Telephone and Internet Systems

Avidyne Corporation - Integrated Avionics for General Aviation

Becker Avionics - Communications, Navigation, Surveillance & Search and Rescue equipment

Bose - Audio Systems

CMC Electronics [Esterline] - Avionics & Controls

David Clark Electronics - Headset Communication Systems for High Noise Environments

Electronics International Inc. - Aircraft Engine Instrumentation

Electronic Flight Solutions/ Sun Flight Publishing - Avionics Training

Garmin - General Aviation Avionics

Heads Up Technologies - Cockpit, Cabin & Aviation Electrical Solutions

Honeywell - Business and commercial avionics

Honeywell – General Aviation Avionics

Insight - Engine Monitors, Instruments

J.P. Instruments - Engine Data Management

Kitchener Aero Avionics Ltd

KGS Electronics - Power Conversion Systems

Kollsman - Displays

L3 Avionics

MaxViz - Enhanced Vision Systems

Northern Airborne (Cobham Electronics) - Airborne audio & FM Radio

P. S. Engineering - Aircraft Audio Control Systems

Rockwell Collins - Avionics Solutions

Sandel - Integrated Display Systems (Navigation & TAWS)


Satcom Direct

Shadin Avionics - Flight Performance & Avionics Interface Systems

Technisonic Communications - Airborne Audio and Radio Communications

Teledyne Controls - Aircraft Data & Information Management

Trimble - Advanced Positioning Systems

True North Avionics - Airborne Telecommunications

Universal Avionics - Advanced Avionics

WSI - Weather Data Services

Wulfsberg Cobham - Airborne Radio Communications