Cessna Citation II cockpit including Collins ProLine 21 big-screen EFIS and Avionics Systems, ACASS and TAWS.

Mid Canada Mod Center


Challenger CL604 FANS mod by MC2

Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) is pleased to announce extension and additional approval to their established CL604 FANS STC.

Already approved by Transport Canada, MC2 are pleased to be able to include the recent FAA approval, # ST03811NY, as 2016 closed.

About this STC:

This mod and upgrade includes the following key avionics components;

- Universal Avionics UNS-1Lw FMS, 5 inch FMS CDU located in the center pedestal

- Universal Avionics CVR-120R Cockpit Voice Recorder, replacing the existing Fairchild CVR

- Universal Avionics UniLink® UL-801 CMU

- Universal Avionics Solid-State Data Transfer Unit

- Miltope Printer

- True North Avionics TN1007-100 Data Link Unit

The Universal Avionics UniLink UL-801 Communications Management Unit provides superior operations and control of digital communications between the pilot and Air Traffic Controller (ATC) in the exceedingly complex Communication, Navigation, Surveillance (CNS) Air Traffic Management (ATM) environment. Developed in full compliance with DO-178B Level C guidelines, the UniLink UL-800/801 CMU also meets FANS 1/A+ standards.

MC2 also incorporated the True North Avionics TN1007-100 Iridium Data Link Unit as part of this mod. FANS Over Iridium (FOI) is a much less expensive alternative to the use INMARSAT for FANS data link communications. The MC2 system was tested for interference against an existing INMARSAT Swift Broadband system so that there would be no limitation preventing its use during FANS operations.

Bill Arsenault – VP MC2 states – “The Challenger 604 has become a business aviation standard around the world. Adding new capability to an aircraft “fleet” as large as this one brings operational advantages and cost efficiencies that owners will quickly realize. The lead customer aircraft for this STC has been in continuous operation now since the fall of 2015 with proven results to support the choices made.” Arsenault also says “Mandates are fast approaching and 2020 is just not that far away – especially when we can conservatively see in the range of 2,000 fixed and rotary wing aircraft in Canada alone that can and will be affected by the pending changes. While the OEMs are doing a good job of supporting their legacy aircraft, those of us considered independent modification providers are able to find alternative, and sometimes more customized solutions with somewhat more flexibility in pricing. We now have several existing STCs to answer the 2020 mandate – and more coming.”

Additional Note about this CL604 STC . . .

The MC2 CL604 FANS STC is in essence a stand-alone system designed to interface to, but not be totally reliant on, the existing legacy Collins Proline 4 avionics. The key components include a Universal Avionics Flight Management System with integral SBAS/GPS sensor. The FMS Control Display Unit allows crew input for all data link communications. A Printer is installed to provide “hard copies” of all the data link messages that are received. The CVR-120R system records the Area Microphone, Pilot and copilot audio channels as well as all data link communications. This fully conforms to the worldwide regulations. Additionally, ATC annunciators “advise” the crew of incoming data link requests. There is also an interfaced audible warning voice that alerts the crew to incoming data link messages. Installation of this 604 FANS mod can be fitted into legacy 604 aircraft and does not require the addition of WAAS LPV upgrades. It also does not involve the replacement of existing legacy equipment such as Flight Management System Computers or Control Display Units. Of final note, with this mod there is no need for reverting from a Controller Pilot Data Link Communications FANS flight, back to voice, in the event that one of the legacy FMS’ was to fail while enroute.

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For additional information or details please feel welcome to contact Dave Hume – Sales & Marketing Manager - by direct telephone at (514)-298-8346 or by email at dbhume@midcanadamod.com.