Cessna Citation II cockpit including Collins ProLine 21 big-screen EFIS and Avionics Systems, ACASS and TAWS.



Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) is focused on providing industry leading avionics expertise to the corporate and 2nd tier commercial aviation markets. Avionics sales, service, repair, design, certification and installation - it’s all that we do!

In business since 1996 (AMO #59-97) we are specialists in WAAS FMS with LPV, cabin entertainment and communication systems including the latest satcom and Wi-Fi applications and cockpit redesign/modernization. We are also experts in TCAS, EGPWS, TAWS, RVSM and EFB applications. Look no further than MC2!

Located in the North End Business Aviation area of Lester B Pearson International Airport (LBPIA) - CYYZ, our facilities are easily accessed by air or road, fully secure and central to many other related aviation support providers. If your aircraft is in need of avionics “help”, we would love to chat with you.



TORONTO, Ontario - Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) a Canadian leader in Avionics design, support, repair and installation for corporate and commercial aircraft, announced today that the Company has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Canadian avionics design firm Avionics Design Services Ltd. (ADS) a leading provider of aviation engineering and certification services. The merger with Avionics Design Services, including its full team of experienced avionics design engineers, offers an exciting opportunity for MC2 to strengthen and expand its service offering in avionics system design and installation by providing its corporate and commercial customer base with a full range of integrated avionics system support. MC2 President Bill Arsenault highlights that “beyond the obvious fits from both technical and design skill standpoints, MC2 and ADS share a common corporate culture, with a focus on delivering the best tailored solutions for our broad range of customer needs. The addition of Robert (Bob) Gow, President of ADS, both as a shareholder and key part of our senior management team adds depth and accelerates our plans for long-term growth. Bob will oversee all aspects of MC2 design services, adding greater direct value to all of our customer relationships.” Bob Gow, Founder and President of ADS is delighted to become an integral part of MC2’s team and ongoing growth. “We’ve worked very closely with MC2 for many years and have a longstanding relationship with Bill and the rest of the MC2 team. We’ve partnered with MC2 on projects and co-developed numerous leading edge STCs. Their focus on quality delivery aligns perfectly with our own long term objectives.” Bill Arsenault proudly reflects that “this fusion of forces builds on the history, successes and cultures of both companies, and most importantly, provides our respective customers with a more efficient, integrated model that can react even more effectively to all of their avionics needs.” For additional information please contact: Bill Arsenault: Tel: (905) 673-9918 Email: bill@midcanadamod.com About MC2 - MC2 (AMO #59-97) is focused on providing industry leading avionics expertise to the corporate and 2nd tier commercial aviation markets. Our recent successes include ADS-B, other NextGen systems and integration, WAAS GPS, FMS with LPV, cabin entertainment and communication systems including the latest Satcom and Wi-Fi applications. We are industry leaders with extensive background in cockpit redesign/modernization and integration. The YYZ office of MC2 is the corporate main office and is located in the North End Business Aviation area of Lester B Pearson International Airport (LBPIA) – CYYZ. The YKF satellite is based in Hangar 53 on the north side area of the Region of Waterloo International Airport – CYKF - and is able to handle aircraft up to and including large Boeing aircraft. Both locations provide 24/7 AOG service through a centralized system. About ADS – ADS are experts in avionics systems approvals in all types of aircraft. For over 20 years they have been providing design and approval services to the aviation industry for everything from in-flight entertainment to data acquisition to major avionics upgrades. Their client base ranges from small avionics shops to major airlines and manufacturers. The firm has in-house delegates for DAR (Delegated Airworthiness Representation) and DAO (Designated Approval Organization). They are also a CGA (Controlled Goods Approval) certified company. Look for MC2 at the 2018 NBAA-BACE - Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition - October 16–18, 2018, in the Ontario Pavilion located at booth #2212 – South Hall A.

B737-200 Avionics Upgrade

Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA – Bill Arsenault, President of Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) is pleased to announce the completion of yet another company first - this one involving an extensive cockpit update and redesign to a “classic” of the industry – the Boeing 737-200. The project was completed earlier this summer and the aircraft returned to service with a specialized Canadian based charter and cargo operator. It has been proving its value since that date and the next in a series of updates is scheduled to be modified in late summer. The core of this mod involved replacing the existing and now obsolete legacy HSI/ADI suite with four large format flat panel integrated smart displays and associated control panels. The EFI-890R Advanced Flight Display from Universal Avionics selected and incorporated into this update offers flexibility as a stand-alone Primary Flight Display (PFD) or Multi-Function Display (MFD). The units are large, 8.9-inch diagonal LCD high-resolution, high-contrast displays and provide superior readability throughout a full range of ambient lighting conditions including bright sunlight and dim nighttime environments. Extremely wide viewing angles are also accommodated. The backlight system also works with reduced power requirements and produces a lower unit operating temperature for superior reliability. In addition to this, the existing vertical and directional gyros were removed. Dual Honeywell Laseref Inertial Reference Sensors were installed and interfaced to both the new and existing systems. The resulting modernization provides large format flat panel integrated smart displays that are coupled to the existing autopilot and flight directors and provide accurate and reliable sources of heading and attitude with reversionary display capability. All required ancillary hardware and adapters were included in this MC2 modernization. The existing radios, audio systems, Flight Management System, EGPWS and weather radar were retained. A second UNS-1LW SBAS Flight Management System was also installed. About this mod: The aircraft involved in this mod is a B737-200 Combi – a true “workhorse of the north” - providing charter and service to remote communities in both standard airports and unimproved fields. Safety first and efficiency second were the demands placed on MC2 for this modernization. The resulting project went from concept – through design, specification, and sales of the new components – to finish with installation and certification, all within a tight timeline. In speaking about this modification, Bill Arsenault said – “We have a unique track record when bringing new technology to older cockpits. MC2 have become champions in the process of extending the life of classic aircraft like these. Improved efficiency and operational flexibility – especially in aircraft working the North in such varied operational situations – have become industry trendsetters for MC2. The opportunity to once again help out an operator in this manner brings us pride and satisfaction regarding the advanced level of avionics support and engineering we offer all our clients.”