Hawker 700 Cockpit update including EFIS, FMS, TAWS, AHRS, TCAS and more.



Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) is focused on providing industry leading avionics expertise to the corporate and 2nd tier commercial aviation markets. Avionics sales, service, repair, design, certification and installation - it’s all that we do!

In business since 1996 (AMO #59-97) we are specialists in WAAS FMS with LPV, cabin entertainment and communication systems including the latest satcom and Wi-Fi applications and cockpit redesign/modernization. We are also experts in TCAS, EGPWS, TAWS, RVSM and EFB applications. Look no further than MC2!

Located in the North End Business Aviation area of Lester B Pearson International Airport (LBPIA) - CYYZ, our facilities are easily accessed by air or road, fully secure and central to many other related aviation support providers. If your aircraft is in need of avionics “help”, we would love to chat with you.


Datalink Requirement Comes to the North Atlantic

In case you missed it - from AIN today - All aircraft operating in the North Atlantic organized track system between FL350 and FL390 must now be equipped with Fans 1A or its equivalent, controller pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) and automatic dependent surveillance contract (ADS-C), as Phase 2A of the North Atlantic datalink mandate took effect last week.The mandate is part of an initiative created to help cope with the ever-increasing volume of air traffic, while enhancing communication, surveillance and ATC-intervention capabilities across portions of North Atlantic.Phase 2B, which begins Dec. 7, 2017, will apply to the same altitudes as 2A but will cover the entire ICAO North Atlantic region. When Phase 2C takes effect on Jan. 30, 2020, it will include earlier phase requirements but add all altitudes above FL290. Exceptions to the Phase 2 equipment requirements include areas of existing radar coverage, the New York Oceanic flight information region and the airspace north of 80 degrees north latitude.If you need to talk about this requirement please contact Bill Arsenault at MC2.

Garmin G1000 Rebate Programme in Effect Now!

Thinking about a flight deck upgrade for your King Air?Well Garmin is making it easier to make your choice include their G1000 retrofit suite. They have announced two new rebate programs for select King Air owners and operators who choose to upgrade their avionics to the G1000 Integrated Flight Deck.The popular G1000 retrofit suite for the King Air series continues to receive exceptional response and provides operators with enhanced capabilities that minimize pilot workload, increase situational awareness and provide NextGen avionics capabilities at a fraction of the cost associated with purchasing a new aircraft.This rebate program is effective beginning January 20th through May 29th, 2015 and is valid for the following aircraft pursuing a G1000 upgrade:· King Air C90· King Air 200, B200· King Air 300· King Air 350For more information on a King Air upgrade with Garmin talk to Bill Arsenault.